Info Training Certified Asset Management Professional Jasa Raharja

Info Training Certified Asset Management Professional Jasa Raharja

Duta Training (14/07) – PT Duta Mandiri Nusa yang merupakan perusahaan training dan sertifikasi di Indonesia dengan nama merk Duta Training menggelar training yang disertai sertifikasi berjudul Certified Asset Management Professional. Instansi peserta yang mengikuti training ini berasal dari PT Jasa Raharja. PT Jasa Raharja adalah bagian dari Indonesia Financial Group yang berbisnis di bidang asuransi sosial. Untuk mendukung kegiatan bisnisnya, hingga tahun 2020, perusahaan ini memiliki 29 kantor cabang, 63 kantor perwakilan, dan 37 kantor pelayanan. Training dan sertifikasi ini merupakan kerja sama antara PT Duta Mandiri Nusa dengan American Academy Project Manager. Adapun pembahasan training yang berlangsung menggunakan media zoom ini adalah sebagai berikut:

Foto Info Training Certified Asset Management Professional Jasa Raharja

This course is focused on how to develop the organizational capability for engaging the workforce to achieve excellent Asset Management performance.

Topics covered include analysis of the organizational structure for the purpose of identifying changes needed for a holistic approach to asset management, change management, project management, systems thinking, training needs assessment, customer-supplier relationships, adaptive organizations and cultural discipline.

This course is targeted to leaders and asset management champions within an organizations however, anyone in a position of progressive leadership will also benefit.

The program is to increase awareness and train utility personnel on the best way to implement and use asset management to extend the life and efficiency of their water and wastewater systems.


At the end of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Contribute to the generation and implementation of AM policy, strategy, objectives and plans.
  • Participate in asset-related risk identification, analysis and management processes and contingency planning.
  • Understand the asset lifecycle and the role of appropriate tools to optimise the performance,risk and cost of assets.
  • Identify the information and performance measures needed for effective asset management, and evaluate the effectiveness of asset information systems.
  • Understand the financial implications of asset and asset management decisions for the organisation, and translate technical issues into business implications.
  • Organisation, and translate technical issues into business implications.


Scope of  Introduction

  • The nature of assets and asset management
  • The business context: line of sight from asset care to organisation mission
  • Asset policy, strategy, objectives and plans
  • Optimising performance cost and risk

Asset-related Risk

  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk control
  • Risk register and management
  • Contingency planning
  • Integration with non-asset risk processes

Scope Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Creating a lifecycle management plan
  • Acquisition/creation of new assets
  • Operation and maintenance of asset
  • Modify/improve assets
  • End of asset life options and replacements
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Asset lifecycles within asset systems

Asset Information

  • Stakeholders
  • Information needed – data information
  • Static and dynamic, transactional and non-transaction information
  • Gathering information
  • Analysis and use of information
  • Data uncertainty
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Information management systems
  • Knowledge management

Financial and Business Impact

  • Business drivers
  • Risk as a probabilistic cash flow
  • Quantifying business value including intangibles
  • Lifecycle costs
  • Investment comparison techniques
  • Making a business case

Di tahun 2022, selain training yang berlangsung, Duta Training akan menggelar berbagai macam judul pelatihan yang jadwalnya dapat di lihat di link berikut => Jadwal Training 2022.

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